Sunday, July 11, 2010


I enjoy taking pictures, it is a passion of mine and I feel tells a great story. My family brings me joy and lots of happy times. Anybody who knows me, knows I love sports and to be active. So with that said the pictures tell it all.... my kids are involved in many activities. Nick (17) loves soccer and is involved in so many activities at school i.e. Student Counsel, Leadership team, NHA and a bunch of other things...makes my head spin so I can imagine how he feels! Tyler (15) discovered Pole Vaulting in track and boy was it fun watching him raise the bar! LOL ...He also surprised us all with his love of art and man is he good at it! I will post some of his drawings soon. Who would have thought? I can tell you this much, he certainly didn't get those skills from me! I can't even draw stick figures! Ha! Ha! Parker (11) what sport doesn't this kid love....this summer was Baseball and we had so much fun this season. He played shortstop and sometimes even pitched. One of his last games the umpire said to him "if there were ten of you, your team would win state!" He really had a great season! Who knows just maybe a professional athlete in the making! (then he can take care of his ole mom and dad. LOL ) Cassie (9) tried out for a children's play and was asked to be in two ensembles! She is so excited! As a mom of four, sometimes I feel like I am running around with my head cut off, but to see my kids succeed and reach heights they never thought they could is so fun to watch. I wouldn't have it any other way. Sometimes their activities overlap and I'm the crazy one who tries to get to at least part of each of their events, games or activities. It is never easy but I really feel this is so important to let each of my children know how important they are to me! Thank goodness for cell phones and texting! When I can't make a game my friends text me with details of the game I'm missing. I hoot and holler, jump around like a mad mom and get so excited for them even when they can't see me. We have also tried to do a few fun things with the kiddos this summer too. Playing in the water is one of my kids favorite things to do. So we have found some fun places around town to splash and play. My favorite is Water World because that is something I can actually do with the kiddos. (Elitches makes me sick!) We have yet to make our summer trip to WW...but my wonderful friend and her family have asked us to go before school starts! So fun!!! : ) Well that's about it so far...busy, busy, busy but hey it is soooooo fun. Just look at the pictures...see the smiles, the determination and to me that says it all.

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