Wednesday, September 7, 2011

First Week of School 2011

Here is Cassie the first week of school 2011!
She is now in the 5th Grade! So weird to
think that my baby is that grown-up. She
loves school and her teacher Mr. Teague. He
was also Parker's teacher for 5th grade. She was
asked to write a few things that she liked about
school and what she didn't like. I read what she
wrote and had to laugh. She said she didn't like
when he compared her to Parker! I asked her
what he said that warranted this comment. She
said Mr. Teague told her "wow, you don't talk as
much as your brother!" LOL ... made me laugh
because anyone who knows Parker knows he is
a talker and does so at 100 mph too! I know the
feeling Cassie....I had to follow Uncle Steve! LOL
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