Friday, May 1, 2009

Visit to Colorado's State Capital with a bunch of 5th Graders!!!! : )

I had the opportunity to visit our state's capital on a field trip with Parker's class. I've never been to the capital and found it to be a very interesting place. Our tour guide was an awesome lady who shared many tidbits of information with us. I don't know about all those 5th graders but I sure learned a lot. I have a better appreciation for our legislation...I may not agree with everything they do but....history will tell! The day was rainy, sleeting snow, to snow to rain again! Brrrrr!!!! We also visited the Colorado Mint...another informative place to see...we were not allowed to take pictures or take any bags into the mint and I found out see Colorado is one of the host of 1/3 of the nations gold!!!! They wouldn't tell us were it was kept...can you believe the nerve of our guide?

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