Friday, May 1, 2009

The Week of Call Performers

Last weekend Tyler and Nick were involved in a Dinner Theater. They both shined on stage and it was so fun to be apart of this time in their lives. Tyler's play was a funny, serious story line. His part varied from the student of the future, Mr. Walt Disney, child from the sound of Music, Star Wars fan and victim of the Oklahoma City bombing. My favorite line of his from the play was...."duh, it's called money"! Nick played the part of Fred old man who had a very big problem with his "bladder"! He stole the show....we laughed and laughed at him. He didn't have very many lines ... his was all about his facial expressions and body postures. My favorite line of his was " have to go too?" after another cast member answered a question with "Oui, Oui!) and then he shuffels off the stage as fast as his little steps would take him! Both casts did a fantastic job and it was a wonderful evening!

Parker and Cassie both performed this week also. They were in their music concert at school. Once again Miss. Chengery did a fabulous job with these kiddos! The songs were lively and fun. You can tell the kids just love to sing and love their teacher. We always look forward to these concerts...they are not the typical elementary concerts. Miss. Jen was involved with "Up With People" so she includes dances, solos and hand/arm motions! They are fantizimo!!!! : )

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